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A Solution to Increase Post-Departure Sales

Turpal is a cutting-edge B2B2C software solution designed to help travel professionals, such as tour operators, travel agents, OTAs and destination management companies, streamline their operations and boost sales of tours, activities, and attractions at their destinations.


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How It Works

Turpal functions as a B2B marketplace for tours, activities and attractions and a post-departure solution.


Increase in Excursion Sales


Reduction in Operational Costs
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The Premier B2B Marketplace for Tours, Activities, and Attractions

Our B2B marketplace and channel provide easy access to a diverse portfolio of in-destination services from around the world, with real-time inventory updates and built-in integrations for a seamless user experience.

With Turpal, you will be connected directly with suppliers, B2B local and global resellers, and channel managers, giving you the opportunity to expand your reach and tap into new purchase channels. Our platform also allows you to manage your inventory of your own services with ease and promote them through your clients' Turpal application and our wide network.

Post-Departure Solution

Post-Departure Solution

Turpal offers an innovative post-departure solution that brings together a comprehensive itinerary builder and a Smart passenger interface. This solution empowers travel professionals to capture a greater share of the highly profitable in-destination services sector and enhance the quality and reliability of the services they offer to travelers.

Turpal can be integrated with your existing reservation system to create traveler itineraries or can be manually built for a customized touch.

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Priced To Meet Your Needs


Turpal's pricing plans are subscription-based and affordable. It is flexible enough to fit any company, whether it is an international one with many locations or a regional one with a competitive price. We are open to discussing and negotiating pricing based on your needs, so let's arrange a meeting and discuss it.


Who We Are

Turpal Technology was founded in 2020 by experts in the tours, activities and attraction sector travel industry to solve in-destination service problems. Turpal is spearheaded by technology experts, skilled engineers, and travel specialists of diverse nationalities.

Our Mission

Turpal improves sales capacity, efficiency and flexibility of in-destination service providers whilst bringing in more sales opportunities.


Let's Get Started


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