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Unlock the Secrets to Driving More Travel Activity Bookings!

Every travel experience is punctuated by the activities undertaken at the destination. As a travel industry maven, pinpointing the perfect time and criteria for presenting travel activities can transform your sales trajectory. But what truly draws travelers in, and when should these options be pitched?

Key Criteria for Travel Activities:

  1. Authentic Adventures: 67% of global travelers prefer authentic local experiences. Offerings that resonate with local culture, traditions, and crafts are in demand.

  2. Safety First: Post-pandemic, 83% of travelers prioritize safety. Activities with stringent safety measures and sanitized conditions will be winners.

  3. Flexible Bookings: Today, 78% of travelers value flexibility. Providing hassle-free rescheduling or cancellations can be a significant draw.

  4. Getting Value: 60% of travelers don't mind paying extra if they see genuine value. Offer them exclusivity, expertise, or added perks.

  5. Green Travel: 72% of travelers consider eco-friendliness when booking. Eco-friendly activities are in vogue.

Optimal Time to Offer Activities:

Pre-booking and post-departure phases are golden periods. Prior to departure, travelers seek to organize their trip, making it ideal for pitching activities. But the journey doesn't end there. Platforms, like Turpal, can offer activity suggestions even after the traveler's touchdown, capitalizing on the potential for spontaneous plans.

Innovations in the Horizon:

With advanced analytics and AI, future platforms can predict traveler preferences and offer hyper-personalized experiences. The future is about proactively understanding and delivering to the traveler's unspoken needs.

By understanding the traveler's psyche and leveraging tech, selling travel activities can become both an art and a science, ensuring profitability and unforgettable experiences.

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